Hosea 4:14

I will not punish your daughters when they commit harlotry, nor your spouses when they commit adultery: for the men themselves are gone apart with harlots, and they sacrifice with prostitutes: therefore the people that do not understand shall fall.
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Cyril of Alexandria

AD 444
And when these things occur, he says, I will remain calm, and I will not lay charges. Because of the misfortunes of the war and the troubles of the captivity, it seems right that all that will happen be predicted to the sinners. For they who once captured and overcame others will do with the captives as they like, making use of power without bridle and shamelessly attacking whomever they please, neither taking into account the law or considering what is likely or proper. But hardened and extremely wild in soul, they refuse to refrain from any kind of wretchedness. Therefore he clearly showed that the young children will be exposed to enemies because of the insult and shameless conduct of the fornicators.
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