Job 31:36

Surely I would take it upon my shoulder, and bind it as a crown to me.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
45. To ‘bear the book upon the shoulder,’ is by practising to carry out Holy Scripture. And observe how orderly it is described both first as being ‘carried on the shoulder,’ and afterwards ‘put round’ him ‘as a crown;’ because, that is to say, the precepts of Sacred Revelation, if they be now borne in practice, afterwards set forth for us the crown of victory in the recompensing. But why does blessed Job beg for ‘the book to be written by the Judge,’ who was not able to attain to the times of the New Testament? But, as has been often said already, he uses the accents of the Elect, and in the personifying of them begs that, which he foresaw would benefit them in all respects. For he himself by the Spirit had for long had that book with him, which by the grace of Inspiration he had obtained, that both by living he should be made acquainted with, and by foreseeing he should announce. But herein it requires to be known that when we take thought of the precepts of Sacred Revelation, and when we draw off the mind from love of the life of corruption, we as it were hasten on by a kind of footsteps of the heart, to the interior scene of things. Now no man, in abandoning things below, is directly made at the top; because for earning the title to perfection, whilst the soul is day by day being led forward on high, doubtless there is an attaining thereto as it were by a kind of steps of ascending
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