Job 31:30

Neither have I suffered my mouth to sin by wishing a curse to his soul.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
25. For he would sin, if he were to desire that to be done by God, which he himself either could not at all be able to do, or if he could it would not be in any wise right. For they who assail an enemy with curses, what other thing do they wish God to do in his case, but what they are either unable or ashamed to do themselves? For they wish death to their enemy, which same even if they have the power, they are afraid to bring upon him; lest they should either be bound as guilty of murder committed, or shew themselves wicked even when they are. What then is it to say to God, ‘Kill the man whom I hate,’ but to cry out to him in audible accents; ‘Do Thou that to mine enemy, which it is not proper for me to do towards him even as a sinner.’ In which same words it is to be thought where had this person read, Love your enemies? [Luke 6, 27] where had he read, Bless, and curse not? [Rom. 12, 14] and again, Not rendering evil for evil, nor railing for railing? [1 Pet. 3, 9] But the precepts of grace from above, not heard with the outward ears he observed, because the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote them in the heart of that man. To whom however it would have been but little that he loved those adversaries situated without, excepting he had to bear these also living within, and holding daily converse with him, even those of his household, as adversaries.
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