Job 28:9

He puts forth his hand upon the flinty rock; he overturns the mountains by the roots.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
57. For ‘he stretched out his hand to the flint,’ because He put forth the arm of His preaching to the hardness of the Gentiles. Hence the same blessed Job, forewarned of the history of his suffering being destined to be made known to the Gentiles, says, Let these things be graven with an iron pen in a plate of lead, or hewn in the flint. [Job 19, 24] But whom in this place do we understand by the’ mountains’ saving the powerful ones of this world, who on account of earthly substance swell themselves high? Concerning whom the Psalmist saith, Touch the mountains, and they shall smoke [Ps. 144, 5]; but the mountains are overturned from the roots, because, on Holy Church preaching the highest powers of this world fell from their inmost thinking into the adoring of Almighty God. For ‘the roots’ of the mountains are the inmost thoughts of the proud. And ‘the mountains fall from the roots,’ because for the worshipping of God, the powers of the world are laid level with the earth from the lowest thoughts. For by a root the hidden thought is rightly denoted, because by means of that which is not seen, being within, there bursts out what should be seen without. And hence on the side of good it is said by the Prophet, And the remnant that is escaped of the House of Judah shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upward. [Is. 37, 31] As though it were expressed in plain speech; ‘Deep down below the thought springs up, that up on high the reward may be rendered back.’ So then let him say, He stretcheth out his hand to the flint, and overturneth the mountains from the roots. For whilst the sacred preaching sought the hardness of the Gentiles, it entirely frustrated the loftiness of the proud. But because those whom it empties of earthly thoughts, it fills with heavenly gifts, and those, whom it drains of interest below, it waters with streams from Above.
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