Job 28:7

There is a path which no fowl knows, and which the falcon's eye has not seen:
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
54. Who is denoted in this place by the title of’ the bird,’ saving He, Who in ascending poised sky wards the fleshly body, which He took to Him. Who furthermore is fitly designated by the title of the ‘vulture’ as well. For the ‘vulture’ while it is flies if it sees a carcase lying, drops itself down for the devouring of the carcase, and very often it is in this way taken in death, when it has come from on high after the dead animal. Rightly therefore is the Mediator between God and Man, our Redeemer, denoted by the appellation of a ‘vulture,’ Who whilst remaining in the loftiness of His Divine Nature, marked as it were from a kind of flight on high the carcase of our mortal being down below, and let Himself drop from the regions of heaven to the lowest places. For in our behalf He vouchsafed to become man, and while he sought the dead creature, He found death among us, Who was deathless in Himself. Now ‘the eye’ of this ‘vulture’ was the actual aiming at our Resurrection, because He Himself being dead for three days set us free from everlasting death. And so that faithless people of Judaea saw Him in the state of mortality, but how by His death He should destroy our death, it noted not. It beheld, indeed, the vulture, but’ the eyes of the vulture it did not behold.’ Which People, whereas it refused to regard the ways of His humility, whereby He lifted us up on high, ‘knew not the pathway of the bird.’ For neither did it betake itself to consider that His humility would lift us to the heavenly heights, and the aim of His death renew us to life. Therefore the pathway of the bird it knew not, nor beheld the eyes of the vulture. For though it saw Him Whom it held bound in death, it refused to see what wonderful glory by His death followed our life [al. ‘what glory in our life should follow from His death’]. And hence it was kindled to the cruelty of persecution likewise; it refused to receive the words of life; the Preachers of the kingdom of heaven, by forbidding, by evil entreating, by smiting it thrust from it. Which same, being so thrust off, abandoning Judaea whereto they had been sent, were dispersed for the gathering together of the Gentile world.
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