Job 4:13

In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on men,
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
46. It often happens, that while heretics are bent to discourse of things above them, they become their own witnesses against themselves, that what they deliver is not true. For in a vision of the night the sight is uncertain. Therefore they declare that they received ‘the inklings [rimas] of whispers’ in ‘the tenor of a vision of the night,’ for, that the things, which they teach, may be made to appear sublime to others, they declare that they themselves can scarcely comprehend them. But it may be inferred from hence how far that can be rendered certain to their hearers, which they themselves beheld but dubiously. And so is it marvellously ordered, that while they run on speaking of sublime things, in the exposure of folly, they are entangled in the very words of their sublimity. Now to what height they rear themselves for singularity of wisdom, is shewn, when he adds in the same breath, when deep sleep falleth upon men. As if it were openly said by heretics, ‘When men are asleep beneath, we wake to receive heavenly truths, in that to us all that is known, to the knowledge whereof the dull hearts of men cannot arise.’ As if they said in plain words, ‘In things, wherein our understanding rises erect, the faculties of the rest of the world lie asleep.’ But sometimes, when they see that this is disregarded by the hearer, they feign that they are themselves in fear of what they say.
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