Micah 1:11

Pass on your way, you inhabitant of Saphir, in naked shame: the inhabitant of Zaanan came not forth at the mourning of Bethezel; he shall take from you his standing place.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Place. In Samaria. In the Hebrew, the beautiful place is expressed by the word Shaphir, which some take for the proper name of a city. (Challoner) It is thought that St. Jerome has given the sense of several proper names, (Calmet) or this has been done since in the Vulgate by some other. In the edition of his works, (A.D. 1533) we read, "The dwelling of Saphir passes from you: she hath not come out who inhabits Sennan. The house of Asel shall receive "(Haydock) Saphir or Diocesarea was a strong place (Josephus, Jewish Wars ii. 37.) of Galilee, where Saanan was also situated, Judges iv. 11. Haetsel may denote "the vicinity. "(Calmet) People shall not attempt to comfort their neighbours, being themselves under the greatest alarms. (Haydock) Forth. That is, they that dwelt in the confines came not forth, but kept themselves within, for fear. Adjoining, viz., Judea and Jerusalem, neighbours to Samaria, and partners in her sins, shall share also in her mourning and calamity: though they had pretended to stand by themselves, trusting in their strength. (Challoner) All the inhabitants shall be led into captivity naked. (Haydock)
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