Hosea 8:10

Yea, though they have hired among the nations, now will I gather them, and they shall sorrow a little because of the burden of the king of princes.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Princes. Hebrew, "king of kings. "This proud title was afterwards taken by the monarchs of Babylon and of Persia. Israel shall cease to pay taxes, having nothing left. They shall cease to be a people. (Calmet) Septuagint, "I will receive them, and they shall cease a little to anoint a king and princes. "(Haydock) They had none during the captivity, as they would not consult God before in their appointment, ver. 4. He speaks ironically. I will conduct them beyond the Euphrates, where they shall have nothing to pay for some time. (Calmet) This wretched condition was of long continuance; (Tournemine) though short, if compared with their crimes. (Haydock)
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