Ezekiel 42:16

He measured the east side with the measuring rod, five hundred rods, with the measuring rod all around.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Five. Hebrew emoth should be meoth, "three hundred, as it is printed (yet not in the Protestant version. Haydock) thrice just after, and as it is written here in Manuscript 4. Camb. 1. 2. "(Kennicott) Reeds. Septuagint, "cubits "as Hebrew, St. Jerome, insinuate. The mountain was only five hundred paces square, even when it was enlarged in the time of Josephus. (Jewish Wars vi. 14.; Greek) We must therefore read cubits. (Calmet) If we retain reeds, (Haydock) the wall will be twelve thousand cubits, (Menochius) which seems improbable. (Tournemine) See chap. xlv. (Haydock)
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