Psalms 141:7

Our bones are scattered at the grave's mouth, as when one cuts and splits wood upon the earth.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
As when the thickness If this is to be connected with what goes before, it declares the efficacy of those powerful words, capable to break up the thick and hard earth, of the hearts of man. But if it is to be connected with the following words, our bones are scattered, it means, that the malice of our enemies has, as it were, scattered our bones near the confines of death and hell; as the husbandman, plowing up or digging the earth, scatters and breaks the clods. (Challoner) These are made small, that they may bear fruit, which is the effect of persecution upon the faithful. (St. Augustine) (Worthington) Hebrew, "like the labourer breaking up the earth, so our "(Calmet) Houbigant would read, "their "(Berthier) with the Arabic, and many Greek copies. David alludes to his distress, (Calmet) while his people were still divided into parties, (Haydock) whose union he foretells. (Berthier) Dry bones point out the state of the captives, Ezechiel xxxvii. 11. (Calmet) Some persecutors rage against the bones and relics of the saints, which they would willingly hurl into hell. But the Church places her confidence in God. (Worthington)
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