Psalms 66:4

All the earth shall worship you, and shall sing unto you; they shall sing to your name. Selah.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
In him. God, (Haydock) Jesus, (Eusebius) or "on it "the river Euphrates, which we shall pass over with as much ease, as our ancestors did the Red Sea. So the prophets frequently speak in a figurative sense, Isaias xi. 16., and l. 3., and Zacharias x. 10., and 4 Esdras xiii. 41. (Calmet) As Josue led the Israelites across the river Jordan on dry land, (Haydock) so we shall extol thy wonders. (Worthington) There, reflecting on these prodigies, both past and present, we shall rejoice. (Menochius)
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