Psalms 41:8

An evil disease, say they, clings close unto him: and now that he lies down he shall rise up no more.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Word of affecting the regal power (St. Ambrose) No more? Jesus Christ speaks. They have unjustly condemned me: But can I not rise again? or the words may be put in the mouth of his enemies. Shall we have any thing to fear from the dead? If we were to confine him only, he might perhaps escape. (Calmet) Hebrew, "an evil disease, say they, cleaveth fast unto him: and now that he lieth, he shall rise up no more. "(Protestants) "The word of the devil they poured out against themselves; he who hath slept, shall rise no more. "(St. Jerome) Yet lo may be explained, an non, "shall not he "Septuagint have seen this insulting interrogation of the Jews who ridiculed what Christ had said of his future resurrection. (Berthier) They determined to put him to death; but they could not prevent his glorious (Worthington) appearance again on the third day. (Haydock) Those who explain this of David, say, that the sleep denotes a mortal illness, or a grievous fault, for which it was expected, that the king would die. (Kimchi; Munster)
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