Psalms 41:3

The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: you will restore his bed in his sickness.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
His bed. Literally, "on the bed of his sorrow. "His, seems to have been formerly in Hebrew, (Houbigant) though it be now omitted, (Berthier) as it was in the time of Symmachus, "the bed of misery "(St. Jerome) of infirmity. Thou hast. Hebrew, "thou wilt make. "Protestants, "turn "(marginal note; Haydock) "change, or take away. "In the east, the bed was removed entirely, (John v. 8.) and this expression may denote, (Calmet) that the sick man should be cured, and no longer be confined to his bed, (St. Chrysostom) or that God would take him by the hand, to support him, and turn his bed, like a tender mother, to make it more comfortable. (Genebrard) (Calmet) When the just are sick unto death, Christ will give them greater consolation. (Worthington) He will withdraw their affections from all terrestrial things, and remove whatever has been dangerous to them. (St. Gregory, Mor. xxiii. 15.) The ineffable name has been thrice repeated in these verses, to insinuate, that all good is wrought by the blessed Trinity. (Berthier)
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