Psalms 19:11

Moreover by them is your servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
For. I speak from experience. (Calmet) If I had no other inducement, I would observe this law for the consolation, (Haydock) and repeated advantages which I have derived from it. (Theodoret) Those who keep the same , and content not themselves with reading or hearing only, may feel the same impressions. Reward: on which account the prophet declares that he observed the justifications; (Psalm cxviii. 112.) though that passage is corrupted in the Protestant version. (Worthington) Hebrew, "wherefore thy servant shall teach them "(St. Jerome) or rather, "is instructed by them, and convinced that in keeping them there are frequent falls. Who", 13. (Calmet) Hekeb may indeed signify "a fall "or tripping up the heels. But it is more commonly rendered "a reward "(as Protestants, Mont., here agree) or end, as 1 Peter (i. 9.) has it. (Haydock) The instruction, which the observer of the laws obtains, arises from that observance, inasmuch as "he is attentive to them. "Septuagint, phulassei auta. This must therefore be understood, and is well expressed by Custodit. Taste, and see that the Lord is sweet, Psalm xxxiii. 9. (Berthier)
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