Job 31:27

And my heart has been secretly enticed, or my mouth has kissed my hand:
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Rejoiced. Hebrew and Chaldean, "been seduced "to idolatry. (Menochius) The worship of the sun and moon was most ancient, Ezechiel viii. 16. Mouth, to testify respect and admiration. This custom prevailed in many nations. Lucian (dial. de sacrif.) observes that this only sacrifice of the poor was not disregarded. The Syrians still extend their hands towards the altar, and then apply them to their mouth and eyes, when the body and blood of Christ are offered in the Mass. (Life of M. de Chateuil.) (Calmet) Septuagint, (26) "Do I not see the shining sun eclipsed, (Haydock) and the moon disappear, for light does not belong to them "but to the Creator, from whom we have every thing; (Calmet) so that we should not swell with pride. Theodotion adds, (27) "and if my heart was secretly deceived. "Septuagint continue, "if indeed, putting my hand to my mouth, I kissed, (28) this would also be imputed to me as a great transgression, because I should have acted falsely before the most high God. "(Haydock) He will admit of no rival; hence the man who admits another god, denies Him. (Menochius) Job repels the charge which had been indirectly brought against him. (Worthington)
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