Ezra 1:2

Thus says Cyrus king of Persia, The LORD God of heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth; and he has charged me to build him a house at Jerusalem, which is in Judah.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Earth, which had belonged to the king of Babylon. (Haydock) This may be an hyperbole, or allusion to Isaias xlv. 1. (Menochius) The dominions of Cyrus were very extensive, (Xenophon, Cyrop. i. and viii.) reaching from Ethiopia to the Euxine sea He acknowledges that he received all from the hand of God. Nabuchodonosor makes a similar confession of his supreme dominion; (Daniel ii. 47.) and the potentates of Egypt and of Rome, procured sacrifices to be offered to him. But what advantage did they derive from this sterile knowledge of his divinity? since they did not honour him accordingly, but wished to join his worship with that of idols; though the force of miracles and of reason must have convinced them that there is but one God. (Calmet) House, or temple, Isaias xliv. 28. Judea. So the Septuagint read, but the Hebrew has "Juda "all along. The whole country now began to be known by the former name. (Haydock)
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