2 Chronicles 31:18

And to all enrolled by genealogy, their little ones, their wives, and their sons, and their daughters, through all the congregation: for in their faithfulness they sanctified themselves in holiness:
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Ephraim and.Issachar had not been mentioned before, ver. 18. (Haydock) Some indulgence was shown to the tribes of Israel, which had been so long rebellious, for fear lest they should return no more; and because they had shown a good will in procuring the Levites to slay the victims for them, as that was rightly judged a more sacred action than to partake of the feast. The law forbade, nevertheless, the unclean to approach to any thing sacred, Leviticus xv. 31., and xxii. 4., and Numbers ix. 6. (Calmet) But a dispensation was granted, (Menochius) as the Passover could not be celebrated in any but the first or the second month. The people had come with such eagerness, that they had not time to acquire the purity required. (Calmet) They were however truly penitent, and God dispensed with them. (Worthington)
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