1 Kings 12:10

And the young men that were grown up with him spoke unto him, saying, Thus shall you speak unto this people that spoke unto you, saying, Your father made our yoke heavy, but you make it lighter unto us; thus shall you say unto them, My little finger shall be thicker than my father's loins.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Finger is not expressed in Hebrew or Septuagint, but the Syriac and Josephus agree with the Vulgate. In Paralipomenon, we read loins, instead of back. Hebrew and Septuagint, my little (Protestants supply finger). Septuagint, "my littleness "mikrotes; but in Paralipomenon finger is added. (Haydock) Chaldean, "my weakness is stronger than my father's strength. "The loins denote strength. Roboam did not use these boastings and insolent expressions: but he adopted their spirit. (Calmet) He insinuates that he was twice as old as his father when he began to reign, (Pineda vii. 24,) or he uses a proverbial exaggeration. (Delrio. adag. 202.) (Menochius)
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