Joshua 19:26

And Alammelech, and Amad, and Mishal; and reaches to Carmel westward, and to Shihorlibnath;
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Carmel, so famous for the miracles of Elias, 3 Kings xviii. 20. Josephus (Jewish Wars ii. 17,) places it 120 stadia south of Ptolemais. This range of mountains extended northward through the tribes of Issachar and of Zabulon. Pliny ( v. 17,) speaks of a promontory and of a town of this name. Here also the god Carmel was adored, having an altar, but no temple or image, as the ancients had decreed. Nec simulacrum Deo aut templum, (sic tradidere majores) ara tantum et reverentia. (Tacitus, Hist. ii. 78.) Vespasian consulted the priest Basil ides. Carmel means "the vineyard of the Lord "or the excellent vineyard It was so rich and beautiful as to become proverbial. The spouse compares the head of his beloved to Carmel, chap. vii. 5. Isaias (xxxii. 15,) foretels that the deserts shall be equal to Carmel. It was covered with wood and fruit. (St. Jerome in Isaias x. 18., and Jeremias iv. 26.) The city, which was built upon this mountain, and which Pliny calls by the same name, was formerly styled Ecbatana. The oracle had denounced to Cambyses that he should die at Ecbatana, and he concluded that the city of Media was meant; but it was "that of Syria "says Herodotus, (iii. 64,) where he died. Labanath. Hebrew leaves out the conjunction. Sihor means a "troubled "river, (chap. xiii. 3,) or brook, which probably ran near the white promontory mentioned by Pliny, (v. 19,) near Tyre. Labanath signifies "white."
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