Deuteronomy 21:10

When you go forth to war against your enemies, and the LORD your God has delivered them into your hands, and you have taken them captive,
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Captives. Some Rabbins say this was only lawful in what they call voluntary wars, which the Lord had not commanded, as in those which were waged against the devoted nations, it was not permitted to reserve the women, even though they should embrace the true religion. Calmet seems to be of the same opinion in the preceding chapter, to which he even refers. But here he thinks, that upon their complying with the condition specified, they might be married, as Rahab was, and consequently this law must be considered as an exception to those general laws, which prohibit matrimony with those nations of Chanaan, which were otherwise ordered to be entirely destroyed, chap. vi. 16. "We believe, says he, that if these women changed their religion, they might be espoused, of whatever nation they might be. "He seems still to exclude the Chanaanite women, (chap. xxiii. 3,) which variation of sentiment shows that the point is not to be easily decided. (Haydock)
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