Baruch 3:37

Afterward did he show himself upon earth, and conversed with men.
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Irenaeus of Lyons

AD 202
The prophets, receiving the prophetic gift from the same Word, announced his advent according to the flesh, by which the blending and communion of God and man took place, according to the good pleasure of the Father, the Word of God foretelling from the beginning that God should be seen by human beings and interacting with them on the earth; that he would confer with them and be present with his own creation, saving it and becoming capable of being perceived by it, and freeing us from the hands of all who hate us, that is, from every spirit of wickedness; and causing us to serve him in holiness and righteousness all of our days, in order that humanity, having embraced the Spirit of God, might pass into the glory of the Father.… Inasmuch, then, as the Spirit of God pointed out by the prophet what would happen in the future, forming and adapting us beforehand for the purpose of our being made subject to God—but it was a future thing that humanity, through the good pleasure of the Holy Sp...


AD 450
The prophet David says, “He sent his word and healed them.” And Jeremiah, “He is our God, and there is no other but him, who has searched all the ways of wisdom and given it to Jacob, his beloved. After that he appeared on earth and dwelled among human beings.” And the prophet Habakkuk says, “The word will depart and go out into the fields.” And the prophet Isaiah, “Their heart is completely weighed down. He is a man, and who will know him?” John the Evangelist confirms this, saying, “The Word became flesh and dwelled among us.” Paul also attests this: “He, being by nature equal to God, did not consider it a good to be equal to God but made himself nothing, taking the nature of a servant, becoming like human beings and being as a man.” And the Sibyl confesses, “Certainly to judge the flesh and the world with his presence.” - "The Book of Promises and Predictions of God 3.3"

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