2 Samuel 18:15

And ten young men that bore Joab's armor compassed about and struck Absalom, and slew him.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Ten. Naharai alone is specified, chap. xxiii. 37. Why he had ten does not appear. (Calmet) Slew him, inflicting many wounds on him; though Joab had already done sufficient. (Haydock) These men abused his corpse, as if to revenge the insult offered to David's ten wives. (Salien) It is asked whether Joab did wrong? He consulted the public welfare, rather than the parental affection of the king for a son, whom the law condemned to die for rebellion, incest, and murder, Leviticus xviii. 29., and chap. xiii. 28. But still he was not a proper judge to inflict this death in cold blood; and thus to render the salvation of Absalom's soul more desperate. David would, however, have done well to have punished this son, as incorrigible and dangerous to the state. (Haydock)

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