2 Kings 6:30

And it came to pass, when the king heard the words of the woman, that he tore his clothes; and he passed by upon the wall, and the people looked, and, behold, he had sackcloth beneath upon his flesh.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Passed by, without punishing such a horrid crime, as he esteemed his own sins the occasion of it. (Menochius) Flesh. Behold the advantage to be derived from afflictions! They make the most hardened enter into sentiments of humility and penance. (Calmet) Abulensis thinks that God was pleased to cause the siege to be raised, to reward this act; as a similar one of Joram's father had merited a delay and mitigation of punishment, (Haydock) 3 Kings xxi. 27. (Salien)

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