2 Kings 6:3

And one said, Be content, I pray you, and go with your servants. And he answered, I will go.
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Ephrem The Syrian

AD 373
These words were fulfilled by the apostles: the house of the sacrifices of the Law was too small for them, and when they realized that the meeting place of the Jews was not sufficient for the greatness of the gospel, they set out to build a holy church where they gathered the children of God, who are righteous. This is what Isaiah had pointed out to them in advance by the word of the Lord when he said, “It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the survivors of Israel; I will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.” - "On the Second Book of Kings 6.1"

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation - 2 Peter 1:20

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