2 Kings 2:22

So the waters were healed unto this day, according to the saying of Elisha which he spoke.
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Caesarius of Arles

AD 542
Let us see what these facts mean, dearly beloved. Elisha, as I have frequently suggested, is the type of our Lord and Savior. That bitter spring seems to signify Adam, from whom the human race has sprung. Before the coming of the true Elisha, that is, our Lord and Savior, the human race remained in barrenness and bitterness through the sin of the first man. Although that new vessel in which salt was thrown represents a type of the apostles, still we can fittingly accept in it the mystery of the Lord’s incarnation. Now salt is put there as wisdom, for we read, “Let all your speech be seasoned with salt.” Moreover, since Christ is not only “the power of God” but also “the wisdom of God,” the body of Christ like a new vessel was filled with the salt of divine wisdom when the Word was made flesh. Furthermore, the new vessel with salt was thrown into the bitter waters by Elisha, and they were changed into sweetness and fruitfulness. Similarly, the new vessel, that is, the incarnate Word, wa...

Maximus of Turin

AD 423
What should we say of the merits of Elisha? This, first of all, is praiseworthy—that he wished to outdo his father in grace, asking that more be given him than he knew that the one who possessed it had. He is, to be sure, covetous in his request but deserving in his merits. For while he demands from his father more than he had, he made him stand out by his own merits more than he was able. For this same Elisha came to Jericho after the ascension of his master and was asked by the townspeople to remain in that city. And when they said to him, “The town is in a good location, but the waters are bad and sterile,” he ordered a clay vessel to be given him and, going to the source of the waters, he threw the salt that was kept in it into the waters, saying, “Thus says the Lord: I have cleansed the waters; neither death nor sterility shall come from them. And the waters have been cleansed up until this day.” See how great, then, are the merits of Elisha! His first stay in his children’s city ...

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