2 Kings 1:4

Now therefore thus says the LORD, You shall not come down from that bed on which you are gone up, but shall surely die . And Elijah departed.
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Ephrem The Syrian

AD 373
“Ahaziah falls from the gallery of his upper chamber in Samaria.” … Ahaziah is the son of Ahab, and after Ahab’s death he takes his place and reigns over his people. Now, he falls from the upper chambers of his palace, and his body is seriously injured. Therefore Ahaziah sends some messengers to the god of the Ekronites in order to question him about his injury. It seems that such a piece of advice was given to him by his mother, Jezebel, who for her entire life made her children, namely, Ahaziah and Joram, her slaves, just like Ahab, her husband, had been a slave to her. Ahaziah’s present action, as well as what his brother did after him—their shameful end and the hardness of their heart in the adoration of their idols until their death—are perfectly in keeping with the abominable actions and wicked will of their mother, Jezebel. So, Elijah, who had learned from a vigilant [i.e., an angel] what Ahaziah was doing, came out to meet his messengers and ordered them, by the word of the Lor...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Away; probably to his usual abode, at Carmel, where the king sent to seize him.

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