2 Chronicles 31:16

Besides their males enrolled by genealogy, from three years old and upward, even unto everyone that enters into the house of the LORD, his daily portion for their service in their work according to their divisions;
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Levites, who received the paschal lambs from the unsanctified. (Menochius) The law does not require the ministry of the tribe of Levi for this purpose, as each one might kill the paschal victim at home. But the people were not sufficiently purified on this occasion. (Lyranus) At other times, laics killed the victims, if they were clean, Exodus xii. 6. After the tabernacle was set up, the priests poured out the blood on the altar; and, in latter ages, they slew the victim according to Grotius. But the texts of Josephus ( x. 5., and Jewish Wars vi. 45. Lat. vii. 17.; Haydock) are inconclusive; and Philo repeatedly asserts that, on one day, the law authorizes all the people to sacrifice: and, though he lived at Alexandria, his testimony respecting a fact of public notoriety, is not to be rejected. Only the unclean applied to the Levites on this occasion, and the latter had no more right to sacrifice than the rest. (Calmet)

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