2 Chronicles 1:7

In that night did God appear unto Solomon, and said unto him, Ask what I shall give you.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Night, after the victims had been offered. On this occasion, Solomon made this prayer, and was heard, 3 Kings iii. 5. (Calmet)

John Chrysostom

AD 407
You also therefore should ask nothing worldly, but all things spiritual, and you will surely receive. For so Solomon, because he asked what he ought, behold, how quickly he received. Two things now, you see, should be in one who prays: asking earnestly and asking what he ought, “since you too,” said he, “though you are parents, wait for your children to ask; and if they should ask of you anything inexpedient, you refuse the gifts; just as, if it be expedient, you consent and bestow it.” Do you too, considering these things, not withdraw until you receive; until you have found, do not retire; do not relax your diligence until the door is opened. For if you approach with this mind and say, “Except I receive, I will not depart,” you will surely receive, provided you ask such things as are both suitable for him of whom you asked to give and expedient for you the petitioner. But what are these? To seek the things spiritual, all of them; to forgive them who have trespassed, and so to draw ne...

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