1 Samuel 9:25

And when they were come down from the high place into the city, Samuel talked with Saul upon the top of the house.
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AD 735
“And Saul ate with Samuel on that day. And he went down from the high place into the city.” And the Lord preached with John [the Baptist] at a time when grace shone until John was cast into prison. The Lord said about those people who would believe in him, “I have a food to eat which you do not know.” John and the Lord did not hand down commands only to the perfect by ascending to the heights of virtues but also to the weak by condescending to general matters. To the perfect they said, “Sell what you own and give alms.” but to the weak they said, “You shall not murder; you shall not commit adultery.” - "Four Books on 1 Samuel 2.9"

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
Whoever is received into the eminent office of dispensing pastoral care ought to have in the very sublimity of his rank both the true loftiness of his own life and compassion for the weaknesses of others. Therefore, Saul went with Samuel into the heights and then descended into the town. Let the ruler know how to conduct lofty things, but let him also know how to manage ordinary things. Let him say with Paul, “Our manner of living is in the heavens.” But let him also say with us, “Wretched man that I am! Who will free me from this mortal body? For I see another law in my members that fights against the law of my mind and takes me captive by the law of sin.” He is a true ruler, when he speaks wisdom among the perfect; he descends into the town when he arranges carnal matters and says, “Because of fornication let each man have his own wife and each woman her husband.” He is in the heights when he says, “No creature will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus...

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