1 Samuel 28:18

Because you obeyed not the voice of the LORD, nor executed his fierce wrath upon Amalek, therefore has the LORD done this thing unto you this day.
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Magnus Felix Ennodius

AD 521
The need of severe measures tends to crush all gentleness and compassion of heart. The testimony of Scripture supports my assertion. We read that a sovereign sinned who spared an enemy appointed by heaven to be slain. His leniency brought upon him the penalty which his severity should have inflicted upon another. He who refuses to take vengeance, himself becomes its victim. He who, having an enemy in his power, pardons him, either makes light of or despises the weight of God’s judgment. Rightly do they suffer punishment who have done wrong. He who pardons present faults transmits them to posterity. As for … the patience of our Redeemer mercy and grace embrace those whom the severity of the law forms. Never has a doctor restored a sick person to perfect health without first cutting away the putrid members and drawing out the filth hidden deep within. He who lets the guilty go unpunished urges the innocent to commit crimes. - "Life of St. Epiphanius"

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