1 Samuel 17:54

And David took the head of the Philistine, and brought it to Jerusalem; but he put his armor in his tent.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Tent, or the tabernacle of the Lord, which David erected in his honour, at Jerusalem, many years afterwards. (Jun. Piscator) The lower part of Jerusalem was already in the hands of the Israelites. He might place the armour for the present in the tent of his brethren. We find that the sword was deposited in the tabernacle, at Nobe. (Calmet) See ver. 12. (Haydock) The head was carried about to various cities. It would serve to strike terror into the Jebusites, at Jerusalem, and others. (Menochius) The Vatican Septuagint, immediately subjoin, chap. xviii. 6. Now Literally, "And the women dancing, came to meet David. "(Haydock) These three last verses occur only in the Alexandrian manuscript, though Theodoret (q. 43,) seems to have read them. In some other Greek copies, there is a long addition respecting David's combat. See the New Hexapla. These verses are found, however, in Hebrew, Chaldean It is astonishing that Saul should not have known David. He was now more interested to be acquainted with his family, as he had engaged to give him his daughter in marriage. We must reflect that his malady might have impaired his memory, and David was still growing, so that a few months absence might produce a wonderful alteration (Calmet) Know not. Literally, "if I know. "The different dress, in which David now appeared, gave rise to this ignorance. (Menochius) Abner was not surely affected with the same malady as the king, who was obliged to ask David who was his father. But courtiers easily forget those from whom they have no expectations. (Haydock) These strange proceedings make others conclude that this history is interpolated. (Kennicott) Huet maintains the contrary. (Du Hamel) Saul only enquires about David's parentage. (Mariana) (Tirinus)

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