1 Samuel 13:4

And all Israel heard it said that Saul had attacked a garrison of the Philistines, and that Israel also was held in abomination with the Philistines. And the people were called together to Saul at Gilgal.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Courage. Hebrew, "and Israel was in abomination (stinking) with the Philistines. "See Exodus v. 21. (Calmet) Septuagint, "despised as nothing the strangers. " Were should be omitted, as the verb is active, clamavit, in the Vulgate and Septuagint, though the Protestants have "were called "They shouted with alacrity, that Saul would lead them on to battle. (Haydock) Osiander thinks that they "exclaimed against him "for engaging them in this new war.

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