1 Samuel 10:23

And they ran and brought him there: and when he stood among the people, he was higher than any of the people from his shoulders and upward.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Upwards. God condescended to gratify the desires of the people, who chiefly regarded the stature and corporal qualifications of their king. "Many nations are accustomed to look with veneration on a majestic person, and think none are capable of great exploits except those whom nature has made very handsome. "(Curtius vi.) See chap. ix. 2. More civilized nations rather consider the qualities of the mind. Alexander, Agesilaus, were not of a majestic stature.

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
It is common experience that in the school of adversity the heart is forced to discipline itself; but when one has achieved supreme rule, it is at once changed and puffed up by the experience of his high estate. It was thus that Saul, realizing at first his unworthiness, fled from the honor of governing but presently assumed it and was puffed up with pride. By his desire for honor before the people and wishing not to be blamed before them, he alienated him who had anointed him to be king. - "Pastoral Care 1.3"

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