1 Kings 8:8

And they drew out the poles, so that the ends of the poles were seen out in the holy place before the inner sanctuary, and they were not seen outside: and there they are unto this day.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Out. In the days of Moses, these staves had touched the veil of the tabernacle: but now, as the place for the ark was twice as large, they were no longer perceived; though they remained in the holes prepared for them by Moses, till the author wrote; which must have been before the captivity. Unless we thus distinguish the times, the Hebrew contains a palpable contradiction. (Calmet) "They drew out (or lengthened) the staves, and the heads. Were seen out in the holy place. And they were not seen out. "(Haydock) To a person standing at a small distance, they were not visible, though they rather touched the veil, 2 Paralipomenon v. 9. (Menochius)

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