1 Kings 8:64

The same day did the king hallow the middle of the court that was before the house of the LORD: for there he offered burnt offerings, and grain offerings, and the fat of the peace offerings: because the brass altar that was before the LORD was too little to receive the burnt offerings, and grain offerings, and the fat of the peace offerings.
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Caesarius of Arles

AD 542
We read that two altars were set up in the temple built by Solomon, one outside and one within. On the one that was outside, the sacrifice of animals took place, while on the one inside, the burning of incense was offered. Let us see, brothers, whether there are two altars set up in ourselves, the one that is of the body and the other that is of the heart. God, finally, asks a twofold sacrifice of us: the one, that we be chaste in body; the other, that we should be pure of heart. For this reason good works are offered on the exterior altar, that is, in our body. May holy thoughts emit a sweet fragrance in our hearts, and let us continually do what is pleasing to God on the altar or our heart. We celebrate the consecration of an altar with joy and in right order of things at the time when we offer the altars of our heart and body purified in the sight of the divine majesty and with a good conscience. - "Sermon 228.2"

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Court of the priests. An altar was there erected, in haste. Fire from heaven came to consume the victims, 2 Paralipomenon vii. 1. (Calmet)

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