1 Kings 2:26

And unto Abiathar the priest said the king, Get you to Anathoth, unto your own fields; for you are worthy of death: but I will not at this time put you to death, because you bore the ark of the Lord GOD before David my father, and because you have been afflicted in all in which my father was afflicted.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Priest. Sadoc had been anointed in his stead, probably by Nathan, in the general assembly, while David was present: they anointed.Sadoc to be high priest, 1 Paralipomenon xxix. 22. (Salien) But now, Solomon orders Abiathar to retire to his estate, in punishment of his conspiracy. (Calmet) He might have justly put him to death, if he had committed a crime worthy of it; as his dignity did not give him a right to disturb the peace of the state with impunity. (Haydock) Solomon acted as a prophet. (Worthington) God had long before denounced that the family of Eleazar should regain the dignity, which Heli had obtained by some means or other, 1 Kings ii. 31. (Haydock) Solomon only put the divine decree in execution. (Pineda vi. 15.) Sadoc had perhaps also passed sentence, as the Levitical tribe had a great sway in the courts of judicature. (Menochius) Abiathar was still honoured with his former title, chap. iv. 4. But he was not permitted to officiate, (Calmet) nor to remain in the royal city, as he seemed now to be a dangerous man. (Haydock) Ana Thoth was a sacerdotal town in Benjamin. (Menochius) A portion of the suburbs had been assigned to Abiathar, unless he had obtained a field by inheritance, or by marrying an heiress, See Jeremias xxxii. 7. (Calmet)

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