1 Kings 16:24

And he bought the hill Samaria of Shemer for two talents of silver, and built on the hill, and called the name of the city which he built, after the name of Shemer, owner of the hill, Samaria.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Silver: 684l. 7s. 6d. sterling. (Arbuthnot) The place was sold so cheap, on condition that it should be called after the original owner. (Salien) Somer dwelt there; and several houses had been already erected, (chap. xiii. 32.) and even streets, by the king of Syria, for the convenience of his merchants, chap. xx. 34. (Haydock) Thersa had lately been so much ruined by civil wars, that Amri thought proper to choose a new seat of government. Samaria was greatly adorned by succeeding kings, chap. xxii. 39. It stood in a delightful and commanding situation, and gave its name to the adjacent territory, and to the whole kingdom of Israel. Benadad besieged it twice; and Salmanasar took it. The kings of Egypt laid claim to it, after the death of Alexander: but Antiochus, of Syria, took it from them. Hyrcanus levelled it with the ground. Herod the Great rebuilt the city, and called it Sebaste, in honour of Augustus.

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