1 Kings 10:8

Happy are your men, happy are these your servants, who stand continually before you, and that hear your wisdom.
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Ambrose of Milan

AD 397
We entrust our case to the most prudent person we can find and ask advice from him more readily than we do from others. However, the faithful counsel of a just person stands first and often has more weight than the great abilities of the wisest of people: “For better are the wounds of a friend than the kisses of others.” And just because it is the judgment of a just person, it is also the conclusion of a wise one: in the one lies the result of the matter in dispute, in the other readiness of invention. And if one connects the two, there will be great soundness in the advice given, which is regarded by all with admiration for the wisdom shown and with love for its justice. And so all will desire to hear the wisdom of that person in whom those two virtues are found together, as all the kings of the earth desired to see the face of Solomon and to hear his wisdom. No, even the queen of Sheba came to him and tried him with questions. She came and spoke of all the things that were in her hea...

Caesarius of Arles

AD 542
In almost all places from the east to the west where the Christian religion is practiced, your manner of life for the glory of God is preached with most illustrious fame. It is rightly required of you that what is believed in your case should also be proved. With the Lord’s help, then, do what you have always done, and preserve charity, humility, meekness and obedience in such a way that what is believed about you in the whole world may be augmented by the deeds of an ever spotless life. Then whoever has merited to see you will be able to give verbal utterance to the sentence uttered by that queen who wanted to seek out Solomon as a type of the church. When each one of you like living temples of Christ, adorned with the pearls of good works, filled with the burnt offerings of prayers and fragrant with the spices of virtues has merited to be contemplated, then immediately breaking forth with the voice of exultation, may he exclaim and say with that queen, “The report I heard in my count...

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