1 Chronicles 7:28

And their possessions and habitations were, Beth-el and its towns, and eastward Naaran, and westward Gezer, with its towns; Shechem also and its towns, unto Ayyah and its towns:
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Douay Rheims 1609

AD 1609
And I will confirm his kingdom forever, if he shall persevere to do my precepts, and my judgments, as (b) at this day. (b) It is here evident, that Salomon was some time the true servant and child of God, keeping his precepts and as certain, that he fell into great sins, and lost Gods grace, and finally it is doubtful in what state he died. 3. Reg. 11. Whereby is convinced their vain fancy that think, he who is once the child of God can Never fall, nor become a wicked man.

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