1 Chronicles 6:28

And the sons of Samuel; the firstborn Joel, and Abijah.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Vasseni. Some Latin copies subjoin "Joel "who was the first-born, (ver. 33.) (La Haye) Vasseni means, "and the second "which can hardly be considered as the name of the eldest son, tough some have taken it as such, in like manner as they have explained six, chap. iii. 22. But then the v ought at least to be omitted, (Calmet) as it is in the Vatican and Alexandrian Septuagint, "Sani and Abia. "(Haydock) Other editions insert "Joel "with the Syriac and Arabic. (Calmet) This person had therefore either two names, or Joel has been omitted, and we should translate "Joel and the second, Abia. "(Menochius) These brothers acted so ill as judges, that the people took occasion to demand a king, 1 Kings viii. 3.

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