1 Chronicles 5:17

All these were recorded by genealogies in the days of Jotham king of Judah, and in the days of Jeroboam king of Israel.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Israel. Jeroboam II had been dead two years before Joathan was born: unless some of the numbers be incorrect; which seems very probable, 4 Kings xv. 5. Yet these registers might be made at different times, and one, perhaps, under Jeroboam I, as when any war seemed to threaten, the number of soldiers was to be known. (Calmet) It does not appear why the king of Juda is mentioned, as the people were not under his dominion, unless (Haydock) he was contemporary with Jeroboam II, as some assert. (Menochius) Yet the following expedition seems to have taken place while Israel was still faithful to God. (Haydock) By faith they overcame kingdoms, Hebrews xi. (Worthington)

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