1 Chronicles 28:17

Also pure gold for the forks, and the basins, and the cups: and for the golden bowls he gave gold by weight for every bowl; and likewise silver by weight for every bowl of silver:
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Lions. St. Jerome seems to have read cephir, instead of the present cephor, which is rendered "a cup, or bowl "1 Esdras i. 10. (Calmet) Alexandrian Septuagint, "and of the flesh-hooks, libation vessels and bowls; and the weight of the golden and silver vessels (kepphoure; a word which they do not translate) of each weight. "(Haydock) The change of i for u was very easy; and perhaps the basins were ornamented with representations of lions. (Du Hamel) (Menochius) We do not find cephor used before, to denote any of the vessels of the tabernacle: but Esdras uses it, (chap. viii. 27.) whence it is inferred that it is of Chaldean extraction.

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