1 Chronicles 11:32

Hurai of the brooks of Gaash, Abiel the Arbathite,
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Hurai, rather than Heddai, (2 Kings.; Kennicott) though there is some doubt which is to be preferred. (Haydock) Syriac and Arabic have Hiddai; but the Septuagint declare for Hurai here, and the Aldine copy has Ouri also, 2 Kings. (Kennicott) Torrent. Hebrew, "of the torrents or vales of Gaas. "(Calmet) Abiel. 2 Kings Abialbon, which seems to be the right word, as a transcriber may omit letters more easily than he can insert them. Bun and the end seems to have been written separate, and to have been translated "the son of "by Syriac and Arabic. The particles al and al, have also been frequently mistaken on account of their nearly similar pronunciation. Bauramite. Hebrew habacharumi, 2 Kings habarchumi, where two letters are transposed, and v is omitted, as usual, in the latter book. (Haydock) The former reading appears to be more correct, as the hero probably came from Bahurim, (berim, 2 Kings iii. 16.) and the Syriac and Arabic seem to have read properly. Salabonite. Septuagint Salabonites (2 Kings) Salaboni. (Kennicott) The translator of the latter book gives the Hebrew termination throughout, instead of the Greek; (Haydock) "whence the learned have drawn an unanswerable argument against that version's being the work of the same author. "(Kennicott) They might as well prove that St. Jerome did not translate both these books. (Haydock)

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