Romans 2:20

An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, who has the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law.
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AD 400
These things are true, because this is the task of the law: to teach the ignorant, to subject the wicked to God, to provoke those who by the worship of idols are ungodly to trust in a better hope by the promise which is given through the law. The teacher of the law is right to glory in these things, because he is teaching the form of truth. But if the teacher does not accept the Expected One whom the law has promised, he glories in vain in the law, to which he is doing harm as long as he rejects the Christ who is promised in the law. In that case he is no more learned than the fools, nor is he a teacher of children, nor is he a light to those who are in the darkness, but rather he is leading all of these into perdition. Commentary on Paul’s Epistles.

John Chrysostom

AD 407
Paul says that they had knowledge and truth not in their conscience, their actions or their welldoing but in the law. After saying this he repeats what he has already said to the Gentiles: In judging others they condemn themselves.

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