Philemon 1:22

At the same time prepare me also a lodging: for I trust that through your prayers I shall be given unto you.
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AD 400
In order to make Philemon more concerned and more willing to obey, Paul indicates that he will be coming to visit him, for those who are absent are usually ignored. Why should the apostle have refused to go there, when he was always suffering trials and afflictions, beatings, persecutions and imprisonment, and who had no rest other than in Christ? But Paul offered his flesh to suffering for the benefit of believers, in order to obtain immortal crowns for his soul and body. That way the enemies of Christ would be confounded and God's glory would be increased.

John Chrysostom

AD 407
This also was the part of one who was exceedingly confident— or rather this too was in behalf of Onesimus, that not being indifferent, but knowing that he upon his return would know the things relating to him, they might lay aside all remembrance of the wrong, and might the rather grant the favor. For great was the influence and the honor of Paul residing among them, of Paul in his age, of Paul after imprisonment. Again, it is a proof of their love that he says that they pray; and to attribute to them so much as that they pray for him. For although I be now in danger, yet nevertheless you will see me if you pray for it.

Thomas Aquinas

AD 1274
At the same time make ready a lodging for me too. For it was his custom when he was in Colossae to stay in his home. Chrysostom asks what we are to make of this remark in which a poor man commands a rich man by letter from across the expanse of the earth to prepare a lodging for him. What would have to be prepared for one content with bread and cheap victuals? It should be said that it was not for the sake of the preparation of lodging that he says this, but to insinuate familiarity and love; in this way he will be prompt to obey. The Apostle therefore does not say this on account of external trappings but out of his devotion. For I hope that through your prayers I shall be restored to you. Against this is the fact that he never returned to them but died in Rome, therefore his hope was dashed. I reply that the hope of the just is of two kinds, the chief of which is for his own good, and this is never dashed; another secondary hope is the proof of others, and this is sometimes dashed, ...

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