Matthew 9:4

And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Why think you evil in your hearts?
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Jesus seeing their thoughts. By shewing that he knew their hidden thoughts, as well as by healing the man, to confirm his words and doctrine, he gave them a proof of his divine power. (Witham) Not because they betrayed them by any exterior sign, but, as St. Mark says, knowing in his spirit that they so thought within themselves, because he was God, in whose hands are our hearts, (Proverbs chap. xv. and chap. xxi,) and to whose eyes all things are naked and open. (To status.) Had not our Saviour been truly God, and equal to his Father, he would have rebuked the scribes, for attributing that to God only which he exercised. But so far from denying their assertion, he immediately admits the truth of it, and answers them by another no less wonderful act of his almighty power. He tells them publicly the evil they had thought in their hearts, whilst the Scriptures repeatedly affirm that God alone can know the secrets of hearts. Thou alone knowest the hearts of the children of men, 3 Kings, ...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
Implying therefore that He is God, equal to Him that begot Him; what things they were reasoning in themselves (for through fear of the multitude, they dared not utter their mind), this their opinion He unveils and makes manifest, evincing herein also His great gentleness. And yet if there were cause for displeasure, it was the sick man who should have been displeased, as being altogether deceived, and should have said One thing I came to have healed, and amendest Thou another? Why, whence is it manifest that my sins are forgiven? But now he for his part utters no such word, but gives himself up to the power of the healer; but these being curious and envious, plot against the good deeds of others. Wherefore He rebukes them indeed, but with all gentleness. Why, if you disbelieve, says He, what went before, and account my saying a boast; behold I add to it also another, the uncovering of your secrets; and after that again another. What then is this? The giving tone to the body of th...

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