Matthew 9:32

As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a demon.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
A dumb man. The Greek rather signifies a deaf man: but these defects generally go together, because he that is deaf cannot learn to speak. (Witham)


AD 420
What is called in Greek kophos is more commonly known as deaf rather than dumb, but the Scriptures indiscriminately use kophos to mean dumb or deaf. Spiritually, just as the blind men receive light, so too the dumb man’s tongue is loosened that he may speak and give glory to him whom he once rejected. .

John Chrysostom

AD 407
For the affliction was not natural, but the device of the evil spirit; wherefore also he needs others to bring him. For he could neither make entreaty himself, being speechless, nor supplicate others, when the evil spirit had bound his tongue, and together with his tongue had fettered his soul. For this cause neither does He require faith of him, but straightway heals the disease.

John Chrysostom

AD 407
For the condition was not a natural one but was the scheme of a demon. It is also for this reason that the man needs others to lead him to Jesus. For he could not make a request by himself, because he was unable to speak; and he also could not petition others, because the demon had bound his tongue and along with his tongue had shackled his soul. Because of this Jesus did not even demand faith from him but immediately corrected the man’s disorder. For it says, “After the demon had been cast out, the mute person spoke.” “And the crowds were amazed, saying, ‘It has never been seen this way in Israel.’ ” This statement especially bothered the Pharisees, because the crowds placed Jesus before everyone else—not merely before people who lived at that time but even before all who had ever lived. And they put him first, not because he was healing people but because he healed easily; he healed quickly; he healed countless cases of disease; he healed diseases that were incurable. Hence the peopl...

Theophylact of Ochrid

AD 1107
The disease was not a natural one, but from the demon. This is why others brought him forward. He himself was not able to call upon Jesus, as the demon had bound his tongue. Therefore Jesus does not require faith of him, but immediately heals him by casting out the demon which had prevented his speech.

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