Matthew 9:27

And when Jesus departed from there, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Son of David, have mercy on us.
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Chromatius of Aquileia

AD 407
According to one allegorical interpretation, these two blind men symbolize the two kingdoms into which the Jews were divided (after Solomon’s death, between Rehoboam and Jeroboam). According to another interpretation, we might consider the people of the Jews and the people of the Gentiles as being prefigured in these two blind men. But this would not be appropriate. For would it be possible for the people of the Gentiles, before being enlightened, to declare Christ to be the Son of David, for they had not heard of the law or the prophets? For that reason, more properly it is understood concerning these two blind men that they did know from the law and the prophets that Christ is the Son of David. Both were blind, therefore, through their own unfaithfulness, for they were not yet able to see the true light, the only Son of God who was foretold in the law and the prophets. Bereft of the light of faith and covered by the veil of the law, they were being held in the gloom of blindness, acc...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Son of David, have mercy on us. The blind men style our Saviour Son of David, to show the great respect they had for him. Thus the prophets also did, when they addressed those kings to whom they wished to testify particular respect and esteem. (St. Chrysostom, hom. xxxiii.)

Hilary of Poitiers

AD 368
At that point, two blind men follow the Lord as he was passing by. But if they could not see, how could the blind men know of the Lord’s departure as well as his name? Moreover, they called him “Son of David” and asked to be made well. In the two blind men, the entire earlier prefiguration is complete. The ruler’s daughter seems to be from these people, namely, the Pharisees and John’s disciples, who already made common cause in testing the Lord. To these unknowing persons the law gave evidence as to the one from whom they sought a cure. It indicated to them that their Savior in the flesh was of the line of David. It also introduced light to the minds of those who were blind from past sins. They could not see Christ but were told about him. The Lord showed them that faith should not be expected as a result of health but health should be expected because of faith. The blind men saw because they believed; they did not believe because they saw. From this we understand that what is request...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
Wherefore can it be that He puts them off, and they crying out? Here again teaching us utterly to repel the glory that comes from the multitude. For because the house was near, He leads them there to heal them in private. And this is evident from the fact, that He charged them moreover to tell no man. But this is no light charge against the Jews; when these men, though their eyes were struck out, receive the faith by hearing alone, but they beholding the miracles, and having their sight to witness what was happening, do all just contrary. And see their earnestness also, both by their cry, and by their prayer itself. For they did not merely approach Him, but with loud cries, and alleging nought else but mercy. And they called Him Son of David, because the name was thought to be honorable. In many passages, for instance, did the prophets likewise so call the kings, whom they wished to honor, and to declare great.

Theophylact of Ochrid

AD 1107
The blind men addressed to God the words have mercy, but as to a man, O Son of David. For it was well known among the Jews that the Messiah would come from the seed of David.

Theophylact of Ochrid

AD 1107
. The blind men addressed to God the words "Have mercy," but as to a man, "O Son of David." For it was well known among the Jews that the Messiah would come from the seed of David.

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