Matthew 9:25

But when the people were put outside, he went in, and took her by the hand, and the girl arose.
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Chromatius of Aquileia

AD 407
In the flute players and bustling onlookers who laughed to scorn the Lord who said, “The girl is asleep, not dead,” we see an example of the synagogue rulers and the onlookers of Jewish people who, when they heard that the hope of eternal life had been promised by the Son of God to the Gentiles, held up to ridicule and contempt this great grace of the Lord. Not unjustly did the Lord order them to be sent outside. He showed that incredulous and unbelieving people of this kind are to be excluded from the promise of eternal life or from God’s kingdom by him who is the Author of life and the Lord of the heavenly kingdom.

Chromatius of Aquileia

AD 407
In the synagogue ruler we perceive a figure of the prophets or apostles, especially Peter, by whom the calling of the Gentiles was first heard; that is, the girl represented all those holy people who pleased God, not through the works of the law but through the righteousness of faith. … Moreover, for us to understand that the entire mystery of our salvation is prefigured in this girl; after she was raised from the dead, as Luke reports, the Lord directs her to eat something. Evidently the order of our faith and salvation is here shown. For when each believer among us is freed in baptism from perpetual death and comes back to life upon acceptance of the gift of the Holy Spirit, it is necessary that the person also be directed to eat that heavenly bread about which the Lord says, “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.”

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
He took her by the hand, and as in his hands is the key both of life and death, (Apocalypse i. 18,) so he commanded the soul to return and the girl to arise. (Haydock) And when the crowd That is, if after a sinful and worldly life we wish to rise again, and be cleansed from the miserable condition of moral sin, denoted by the girl who was dead, we must cast out of our minds the great multitude of worldly concerns; for whilst these have possession, the mind is unable to recollect itself and apply seriously to consideration. (St. Gregory)

John Chrysostom

AD 407
Seeing then the cymbals and the multitude, He put them all out, and in the presence of the parents works the miracle; not introducing another soul, but recalling the same that had gone out, and awakening her as it were out of a sleep. And He holds her by the hand, assuring the beholders; so as by that sight to make a way for the belief of her resurrection. For whereas the father said, Lay your hand upon her; Matthew 9:18 He on His part does somewhat more, for He lays no hand on her, but rather takes hold of her, and raises her, implying that to Him all things are ready. And He not only raises her up, but also commands to give her meat, that the event might not seem to be an illusion. And He does not give it Himself, but commands them; as also with regard to Lazarus He said, Loose him, and let him go, John 11:44 and afterwards makes him partaker of His table. John 12:2 For so is He wont always to establish both points, making out with all completeness the demonstration alike of the d...

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