Matthew 4:11

Then the devil left him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.
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Ambrose of Milan

AD 397
In Luc., c. iv, 11: Ambition has its dangers at home; that it may govern, it is first others’ slave; it bows in flattery that it may rule in honour; and while it would be exalted, it is made to stoop.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
Cont. Serm. Arian, 29: The one Lord our God is the Holy Trinity, to which alone we justly owe the service of piety. City of God, book 10, ch. 1: By service is to be understood the honour due to God; as our version renders the Greek words, ‘latria,’ wherever it occurs in Scripture, by ‘service’ (servitus), but that service which is due to men (as where the Apostle bids slaves be subject to their master) is in Greek called ‘dulia; 'while ‘latria,’ always, or so often that we say always, is used of that worship which belongs to God. City of God, book 9, ch. 21: After the temptation the Holy Angels, to be dreaded of all unclean spirits, ministered to the Lord, by which it was made yet more manifest to the daemons how great was His power. de Cons. Evan., ii, 16: Luke has not given the temptations in the same order as Matthew; so that we do not know whether the pinnacle of the temple, or the ascent of the mountain, was first in the action; but it is of no importance, solong as it is only cle...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Then the devil having exhausted all his artifices, left him for a time, as St. Luke remarks; whence we are to learn, that after we have resisted with success, we are not to think ourselves secure, but avail ourselves of the truce to return thanks to God for the victory, and to prepare for fresh combats, especially by fortifying ourselves with the bread of angels in the holy communion. The temptations of Jesus Christ are to us a subject both of consolation and instruction. By example he has taught us how to fight and to conquer. The struggle may be painful; but angels, as well as God, witness our struggle, ready to crown our victory. (Haydock)

Glossa Ordinaria

AD 1480
Ord.: He saw not, as we see, with the eye of lust, but as a physician looks on disease without receiving any hurt. non occ.: See the Devil’s pride as of old. In the beginning he sought to make himself equal with God, now he seeks to usurp the honours due to God, saying, "If thou wilt fall down and worship me.” Who then worships the Devil must first fall down. ap. Anselm: Though Luke’s order seems the more historical; Matthew relates the temptations as they were done to Adam.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
Non occ. vid. in Ezek. i. 8. n. 24. in 1 Reg. i. I. n. 1. 2: In these things isshewn the twofold nature in one person; it is the man whom the Devil tempts; the same is God to whom Angels minister.
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Hilary of Poitiers

AD 368
When we have overcome the Devil and bruised his head, we see that Angels 'ministry and the offices of heavenly virtues will not be wanting in us.
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AD 420
An arrogant and vain vaunt; for he hath not the power to bestow all kingdoms, since many of the saints have, we know, been make kings of God. The Devil and Peter are not, as many suppose, condemned to the same sentence. To Peter it is said, “Get thee behind me, Satan;” i.e. follow thou behind Me who art contrary to My will. But here it is, “Go, Satan,” and is not added, ‘behind Me,’ that we may understand “into the fire prepared for thee and thy angels.”. When the Devil says to the Saviour, “If thou wilt fall down and worship me,” heis answered by the contrary declaration, that it more becomes him to worship Jesus as his Lord and God.

John Chrysostom

AD 407
The Devil, left in uncertainty by this second reply, passes to a third temptation. Christ had broken the nets of appetite, had passed over those of ambition, he now spreads for Him those of covetousness; “He taketh him up intoa very high mountain,” such as in going round about the earth he had noticed rising above the rest. The higher the mountain, the wider the view from it.He shows Him not so as that they truly sawthe very kingdoms, cities, nations, their silver and their gold; but the quarters of the earth where each kingdom and city lay. As suppose from some high ground I were to point out to you, see there lies Rome, there Alexandria; you are not supposed to see the towns themselves, but the quarter in which they lie. Thus the Devil might point out the several quarters with his finger, and recount in words the greatness of each kingdom and its condition; for that is said to be shown which is in any way presented to the understanding. But such things as are gotten by iniquity in th...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
For when the assault was going on, He suffered them not to appear, that He might not thereby drive away the prey; but after He had convicted him in all points, and caused him to take to flight, then they appear: that you also may learn, that after your victories which are copied from His, angels will receive you also, applauding you, and waiting as guards on you in all things. Thus, for example, angels take Lazarus Luke 16:22 away with them, after the furnace of poverty and of famine and of all distress. For as I have already said, Christ on this occasion exhibits many things, which we ourselves are to enjoy. 6. Forasmuch then as all these things have been done for you, emulate and imitate His victory. And should any one approach you of those who are that evil spirit's servants, and savor the things that be of him, upbraiding you and saying, If you are marvellous and great, remove the mountain; be not troubled, nor confounded, but answer with meekness, and say some such thing as you...
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Rabanus Maurus

AD 856
The Devil shows all this to the Lord, not as though he had power to extend his vision or show Him any thing unknown. But setting forth in speech as excellent and pleasant, that vain worldly pomp wherein himself delighted, he thought by suggestion of it, to create in Christ a love of it.
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Remigius of Rheims

AD 533
Wonderful infatuation in the Devil! To promise earthly kingdoms to Him who gives heavenly kingdoms to His faithful people, and the glory of earth to Him who is Lord of the glory of heaven!. Other copies read, “Get thee behind me;” i.e. remember thee in what glory thouwast created, and into what misery thou hast fallen.
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Theophylact of Ochrid

AD 1107
The Lord conquered the three temptations of gluttony, vainglory, and avarice. These are the chief passions, and by conquering them, how much more so does He conquer the others. Wherefore Luke says that the devil "ended every temptation" (Lk. 4:13), having ended these chief temptations. Whereupon angels serve Him to show that the angels will serve us as well after our victory over temptation. For everything that Christ did and revealed was for our sake, since the angels are always serving Him as God.
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